Hello, love.

FullSizeRenderI’m Kami, and I started this site my senior year of high school. It has been named “Hello, love.” since the beginning. I want all to enter into this site to feel welcomed, inspired and somehow loved. Writing is what fuels the fire in my heart, and I write for you. I write with the deepest desire that you, too, will be inspired to be ambassadors for truth, goodness and kindness. That somehow with each keystroke I make, it ignites something in you. 

For its history, this blog as been a place for me to put my heart into words. 

As a college grad I have now been launched into the world, and I am dreaming big. I don’t know where life will take me, but I have a sure hope and confidence that for each day I have the gift of life, I will strive to live it to the fullest, offering the heart and truth of the world to you. I have a lot of visions and dreams for this site, but I guess you’ll have to follow the adventure with me to see where life leads me.

Thanks for being here, and thanks for reading.

Let’s start this adventure, loves.